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F1 Visa Questions & Suitable Answers

Trust me other than the following 21 Questions, they cant  ask anything more. But yes they can be Rephrased! Firstly the interviewer will be busy updating your information in her/his records. Secondly its just a max 2 minutes interview {mite increase if & only if you are unable to comprehend what he/she is saying i.e more of "Excuse me" or "Pardon me" or "Come again"} :)

  1. Why are you going to US?
  2. Why US & not India?
  3. Why not IIT?
  4. Why xxx university only?
  5. How many university's did you apply to? How many accepts & How many rejects?
  6. Why xxx specialization? Whats its scope in India?
  7. What was major in Bachelors?
  8. What were your grades in Bachelors?
  9. Tell about your project.
  10. Schooling?
  11. Gre & Toefl Scores.
  12. What did you do since you graduated?
  13. Would you work on/off campus?
  14. Wont recession affect you?
  15. Who's sponsering you?
  16. What are you parents? Their Income?? Their Savings?
  17. I see recent transactions in the bank certificate, how would you explain?
  18. If you utilise all their money, how would they run the family?
  19. How many siblings? Is there sufficient funds for them?
  20. What are your plans after masters?
  21. Where would you want to work in future? Where do you see yourself after 5 years? What salary do you expect?
Answers :
  1. To pursue masters in xxx in xxx university.
  2. a) International Exposure b) Flexibility(can complete a course in 15-18 months) c) Pratical approach d)Advanced Technology
  3. IIT is excellent, but its intake is around 100 for 20/30000 students who write. Plus my interest is in xxx University.
  4. a) Rank of the university chosen (Courtesy: USNews) b) Seniors gave excellent feedback c) My area of interest is found here  d) Professor MrABC has done amazing research in field i want.
  5. You need not tell complete truth. If u have more rejects, put it across as "waitin"/"on hold".  
  6. You gottu surf about your interest. Tell its scope in US, India its advancements and one/two applications.
  7. Your turn.
  8. Here we use a % system i.e its calucated for 100. My % is blah blah.
  9. Use technical jargons That will work :)
  10. Your turn.
  11. Tell truth. If they are less use the standard answer " I made mistake in the first 10 questions which are very crucial and carry high score. Hence i got less. Future i will take care i wont mess up."
  12. {This question changed the entire course of my interview}Its ur say. Better to carry certificates as proof for the work/course you have done.
  13. A definite NO. I want to study hard and complete my masters soon.
  14. I am going to enhance my technical knowledge and skills. It is no where realated to recession.
  15. My blah, blah and an education loan are sponsoring me.
  16. Your turn.
  17. My blah blah had invested money in other accounts and also lent them to needy friends and relatives. Now for the purpose of my education he has pooled them into this account.
  18. My course needs x lakhs. My loan covers x-n lakhs. My blah blah hav the savings which is more than n lakhs. Hence its sufficient for them.
  19. Your turn. If you have you could say, he/she is interested in working. If he/she changes plans after working for 2/3 years, by then i would hav started repayin the loan so it wont be a problem for him/her.
  20. Return to India and work in the company of my choice which has xxx specialization.
  21. Your turn. tell a salary which is more than the EMI you gottu return to bank
  • "Smile" is the mantra!
  • Try explaining in points than long sentences.
  • Answer to point. An Extra word will lead to a new thread of questions. 
  • While talkin abt money talk in terms of indian money than dollars.
  •  Remenber the interviewer is an American, they wont be familiar with Indian terms. "% --> gpa", "puc --> preuniversity", "Btech/BE --> Bachelors" etc.
  • Write down the exact answers & read them once o twice. It will definitely help you.
  • All the best. ;)

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      Hi i am from hyd. but., i am to going to chennai for visa.
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    7. F-1 visa is fairly simple to apply for and lets you stay & travel throughout the U.S as long as you are a student and also provides you opportunity to bring your Spouse and any children under the age of 21 into the country while you are here studying.

      F-1 Visa

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