Monday, June 14, 2010

My F1 Visa experience

Consulate: Chennai

Personally i wansn't that much tensed. The atmosphere is very relaxing. At the VFS website, they asked us to be there 15 minutes before. That must be fine. There were people whose interview was at 8 and they turned up at 8.30 and the like and yet they were casually called in. So no worries. Theres a lavish rest room also.The exact scene of you talkin t to the interviewer can be compared to that of a you having a talk with the cashier in bank. It is exactly the same way. A glass window separates you both with Space below to send in documents.

At the entrance of the consulate you have to show your Interview letter & passport. So keep them a lil' aside.
Before the interview, your "Primary documents" will be taken from you. They will be checked and put in a different file which you  gottu hand t to interviewer during the interview. In my case, apart from these documents, i DIDNT show them any other document. Had carried in a harmonium file, with names of the documents written in the space given for easier access. BTW the primary documents include
a) Interview letter b) Passport c) I20 d) Sevis fee reciept e) Confirmation letter  f) Gre & toefl original score cards g) Degree certificate

The gaurds and officials there will take of everything. They will periodically be calling out the slots. Any issues you can report to them. They will keep guiding you to respective counters, just follw them. The ones at the counter will have a mic with them; they will be very clear and audible. When they take your primary documents, they will ask for finger scan. Please see to that there are no cuts or burns.

Damn nice people. So please greet them with a smile. I was observing the entire process for like more than a hour and realised they are so understandin and never want to reject an application. All they need is answers to their questions. There were students/people who would aswer so senselesly and yet the interviewers would ask them upto 3 times to get the exact answer they want. There are interviewers who are laughin and talkin to students/family like good old friends. I did see 3/4 rejections too. The interviewees couldn convince them, so they were rejected.

My interview
My interview was at 8 am. I went there by 7.15 and there was a long queue. I thought it will be very much on time and stuff. It was very organised though but my interview was at 9:15 am. At 8 am they took us to the other building and made us wait there. Even though i had a DD for 9$, they asked me to pay cash. I carried Rs 500 which was very helpful. I was only asked 
  1. Why Binghamton?
  2. Where did you do your bachelors?
  3. What did you do since 2009? {She was completely impressed by my answer.}
  4. How much is your parents savings?
At last she said "Your visa is issued madam. Please continue your good work there too. All the very best for your course." I was beaming. :)

P.S: Every one's experience is different. Don't just rely on one.

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  1. Hai thats an excellent source of information.Keep it up my friend:)

  2. Anonymous7/05/2012

    Hi Shruthi, I got rejected on F1 Visa two days back. I was suppose to leave for US today which is the 5th July,2012. But unfortunately my visa was not approved. I am an MBA with 2 an half years of experience. My Gmat/TOEFL scores are low. I have applied for a Ms in accounting and finance mgt. So my last question was How would this degree help me, I told the VO that I would return back to india and join my father's comany and it would help us immensely. She gave a pause and told that she can not approve my Visa today and can re apply later. She gave me a 214(B) form. Can you help me with how to answer the following question I screwed up. Also any tips for my 2nd F1 visa interview? I also had given my interview at Chennai consulate. I will be applying soon again. Kindly help me with it. It would be of great help.

    Kind Regards,
    Sneha Sharma

  3. "Dont loose hope. Alls well. You need a strong reason for doing a MS after an MBA. You can point out a professors name and elaborate it on how it would help you. ATB"

    - July 10th

  4. what did u answer for that 3rd question.


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