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Transcripts Trouble!- VTU!

VTU contact no:
Belgaum code : 0831
Ph nos: 2498136 / 2498135
{I have heard only music n nothing else! But people have responded to many so TRY them!}

DD details:

Get a D.D in favour of " The Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum "

Amount Calculation:
( you get the same answer anyways!)
1) Rs [(1 * 250) + { (number_of_transcripts_u_need - 1) * 150 }]
2) Rs [(number_of_transcripts_u_need) * (150 + 100 for finance officer)]

For Transcript : ( Reply i got from the VTU registrar)

1. Letter of requisition with the mailing address to the Registrar
(Evaluation), VTU Belgaum.
2. DD for Rs. 150 X No. of Transcripts + 100 favouring Finance Officer,
VTU Belgaum, Karnataka State, India, Payable at Belgaum
3. Zerox copy of All Marks Cards
4. No transcripts will be posted outside India
5. Candidates are required to submit their Indian address only

Transcripts from Belgaum finding their way to your home (Mailing procedure):

MAIL 1 to "re@vtu.ac.in" :
(wait for their reply! dont expect a reply though, but its gr8 if they reply!)

To: "Registrar (Evaluation), VTU"
Subject: Request for transcripts

Dear Sir,

I am a B.E graduate from VTU and have passed out in year.
I would be grateful if you would tell me the exact detailed procedure to obtain B.E transcripts from VTU by mailing? Else, could you please give me the link in the VTU site where I can download the transcripts application form?

Awaiting your kind response,

Thank you,

MAIL 2 to "re@vtu.ac.in" :
The Registrar (Evaluation)
Examination Section,
Visvesvaraya Technological University,

Complete mailing address

Phone Number
Mail ID

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub : Requisition for B.E transcripts

I, name, have graduated from VTU with a B.E degree in year. I hereby request you to kindly mail me my B.E transcripts (number of transcripts needed).
My mailing address is as mentioned below.

Your complete mailing address with pincode.

Below furnished are my particulars:

Number of transcripts needed :
Name :
Year of graduation :
Undergraduate Institution :
Enclosed DD amount :
DD Number :
Photocopies of marks cards from 1 to 8 semesters are enclosed.


Mail to:
The Registrar (Evaluations)
Examination Section,
Visvesvaraya Technological University,
Jnana Sangam,

Enclose with: DD, photocopies

You going to Belgaum (Belagavi) to get your transcripts:

I opted for this because i somehow felt i didn't have that much time that i could get them posted to my house and i needed a change. I don't want to write the whole story but if you want the exact journey details about the "the trip to VTU" you can refer this and this ! U wont get better information from anyone else! However a few words from me and my friend who accompanied me to the VTU!
  1. Bus fare: Rs 450+ and Train fare: Rs 250+ from Bangalore. We went by Airavatha. Book at least 3 days prior else you will be in waiting list.
  2. Identity Proof's are required. Please carry your License/Passport.
  3. The local bus numbers going to VTU are : 113,78,161 and122.
  4. Name correction and the like might require a sslc marks card. So better carry all your originals with you.
  5. Submit documents before 12 o' clock. ==> Reach VTU by 10. ==> Reach Belgaum by 8 ==> Leave a day before.
  6. Don't book your return tickets either bus/train before 7 or 8 pm. It gets late many a times.
  7. Food at VTU isn't that good. Take your own food.
  8. VTU fresh rooms are good, you can directly board a bus to VTU from the main bus stop.
  9. There is this hotel called Milan, near Chennamankere circle. It offers an executive room for 2hrs for Rs 200. Breakfast food is good here. VTU is 45 minutes journey from here.
  10. Belgaum is famous for Kunda and Kardantu. Best place to get them is "Purohit Sweets".
  11. Ahem Ahem... Panaji is 154 kms from here. Make use of it! :P
Any more doubts you can mail to VTU only. Am sure they will reply. :)


  1. Anonymous1/12/2011

    real good info. will get checkout soon..

  2. How to get the application form???

  3. Anonymous1/22/2013

    i think its better to get transcript in vtu directly... Because i send details through speed post still i dint get the transcript i think i posted before 25day itself. Now i dont know what do i m nt free i working in a company thisis the problem

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  5. Anonymous1/03/2014

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    1. Thanks baldeo!!! Appreciate the compliments 😊

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  8. Glad you left a note. I will let friends know too. Thanks!!


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