Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aall Iz Well!

I never thought i would continues this label "movies". But this is one amazing movie i watched! " 3 Idiots"! It has lil' hyped the concept of "All is well" but it gets totally neglected due to the plot and humor! There is drama{silencer alias Chatur Ramalingam}, action{Mona's pregnancy}, suspense{Rancho's past},comedy{the entire movie} and very lil' romance which is very good! I watched the movie 2 days before and now had a discussion with my cousin so few dialogues are still lingering in my mind.. He He

  • Aall Izz well!
  • Yeh "Kilo Byte" aur "Mega Byte"! Aur woh uski maa "Giga Byte". Ye.. Family "Bite" nahi Karthi!
  • Salaa Thu Uski Daanth thodega ya main thodu!
  • Padhne ke liye Sirf Ek uniform chahiye. Agar Pakde gaye tho.. uniform change, school change!
  • Sab unproductive kaam jaise Shaving karna, Nakhoon katne ke liye Virus Saade Saath Minute ka Power Nap letha hain!
  • Khujli ki roti!
  • Salaa million sperms se competition karke bahar aaya tho pithaji ka pehla shabdh tha "Mera Beta Engineer banega"!! Aur mera Fate seal kar diya!
  • Bhaindi Barah per Kilo.
  • Jahapanaa tussi great ho! Taufa kubool kar!
  • "Farhanitrate" and "Prerajulization".
  • "Saala kithna jooth boltha hain???
  • Apne is "Balatkari" purush ke hath mein apna "sthan" diye hain. Ab dekhiye.. ye Balathkar Pe Balathkar Kartha jayega!
  • Raju can you explain, how does an Induction Motor starts? Ofcourse yes sir, Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P
  • Jao is ghadi ke liye kisi aur ki haath dhoond lo. Gadhee!
  • "Seedhe jao.. Signal Laal ho jayega! Saab gadi ruk jayenge...... {Don Remember the rest!}
  • Last But Not the least: Thuchuk Thuchuk!!
Oops ran out of them! Wat ever!! Wonderful movie! Don miss it! Keep Smiling! Aal Izz Well!

P.S: 5 point someone != 3 idiots but Chetan Bhagath feels so. Yes i agree the plot is derived from the book but the story isn't the same. His name has been mentioned in the movie and he must be happy for that! Total credit cannot be given to him. Thats obvious once you see the movie, after reading the book! :P


  1. Sounds like a nice summary of the movie..! Wonderful job done to give a glimpse and those who havent watched will surely watch the movie after reading this blog

  2. Yee.. 1st comment :P He He thanku sooo much!


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