Friday, March 12, 2010

Hillarious Days!

P.S: No offense to anyone in this world!

I realized, walking from home to my company which is located in 4th block wont help me reduce even few kilo's, so i decided to go to work by vehicle and continue brisk-walking in my park after i returned from work i.e. at 7:15! N i don't own the park yet its mine :) These days people are so health conscious, hmm i guess along with me you can find at least a minimum 10 more health freaks in the park, excluding the pairs. Now i could tell my not-so-worried-about-this mother but my frenzied grandma that it was safe walking in the park at this hour!

Day 1:i.e. march 1st or so.
Today being the last day i was walking back from office decided to eat bhel on the way. BTW i cross 4 parks on the way from my work place to home. One being my-park and the other park where i brought bhel and 2 more were spare parks :P, i just walk by their side! 
I happened to see one pair a lil' cozy and this strange thought of "why not count the number of pairs today??" popped up... Aaaand the count that day was 23 pairs in a 20 minute walk! I saw 3 pairs snogging too. Such a sight is  pretty common these days and moreover it was  7 , so it was pretty dark.  I saw one woman in Burkha too. She seemed an invisible woman who could be identified only when the vehicle lights shone on her. Wierd! I donno why but i don't like parks.

Lesson learnt: Burkha becomes an invisibility cloak after 7!

Day 2: i.e. today :P
Work too was good today! I think my pace in finding the required function in that huge project has increased to a certain extent. But my inability to remember what functions i created and where i made the last changes still continues to give me the feeling of an idiot!
I was tired from work but decided not to stop this walking routine. With my ipod, i was walking and in the first round i observed there were many pairs today. The second round i noticed that not even one seat was empty in one half of the park. I don remember exactly how many seats are there in that half-side of the park but it was some what like the one i have "paint"ed! At the start of the third round, my ipod charge got exhausted. When this happens i usually return home, but today felt like walking as i was bored to return home. I didn't remove the earphones, so that meant i could listen to the outside world, but they thought i was listening to music and fidgeting with my mobile simultaneously. I already had thought of blogging about this and was errr hmm was takin down notes.
  1. A woman on phone: "....Ahh. Manege bandidira.....?? Dose thandra..??...."
  2. A pair, both were in 30's: ".....I donno what made him do that.. Thats why i yelled i guess.." {stong discussion. }
  3. A man was on phone: "....Naan avaginda kaytha-idini ningoskara....."
  4. Two grandpa's : ".....Jeevana hinge...." :)
  5. A couple who were in 20's: They were having this romantic talk i guess, sort of both were blushing kinds and talking softly {sensible!}
  6. A pair: They were up to something. I couldn't see much. I guess they were snogging.
  7. A elderly looking man and pretty young girl: "...Nahi, mujhe achcha nahi lagtha..."
  8. 2 gals were talking: ".......Nan maathu kelu Avnu beda...."
  9. Empty seat. i stopped and looked at the metro construction and it was illuminated very well, so thought of taking a pic but one pair came hand in hand and sat right there in front of me, so had to leave immediately.
  10. One husband and wife: ....hmmm.....{silence}

Weird day.. yet the best was i saw a grandpa and grandma holding hand and crossing the road! Such a cute sight!

P.S: Yes i was jobless n that's why "paint"ed the pic of my park! :)


  1. Hahahahaha...your observatory skills are just awesome...I suggest you become exam invigilator..!! Jokes apart, nice blog...I liked it..!

  2. Lesson learnt: Burkha becomes an invisibility cloak after 7!
    ha ha ha ..... hilarious !!!

  3. It was a nice day gotha!! Infact i really took down notes while walkin!! Funny mmeee :)


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