Friday, April 15, 2011

Hiranyakashipu's Death!!

This is one of the strangest requests for death anyone must have ever made. But still Lord Vishnu outsmarted Hiranyakashipu's wish. No wonder all the demons loathed Vishnu, even though Shiva was known to be "The Destroyer".

Brahma pleased with Hiranyakashipu's devotion, appeared in front of him after a long penance. After Lord Vishnu killed his brother Hiranyaksha, he trusted only Brahma and no one else. He was still wild with anger on Vishnu. He requested Brahma, for a boon to remain and rule this Earth for ever. He didn't want death to face him. However the Lord did not agree as everyone born, should die. The demon now still wanting to escape the clutches of death requested that he should die such that :
  1. He shouldn't be killed by a human nor a beast
  2. He shouldn't die during the day nor the night
  3. He shouldn't be killed by either a metal or wood or stone
  4. He shouldn't be killed inside nor outside the house 
Brahma couldn't say anything and thus granted him the wish making him the invincible ruler of the Earth. He became famous and resort to devastating homes and killing the holy sages who were devotees of Vishnu. There was no one to stop him. This troubled all the gods and goddess. They approached Vishnu again for the solution to this problem. He promised to kill him when he turned most atrocious and attempts to kill his own son in the Lord's name. 
As planned, Kayadhu gave birth to Prahalad who was ardent devotee of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu tried many ways to kill his son through his soldiers, but finally when he himself tried to kill him, Lord vishnu 
  1. took the Narasimha Avatar :  half human, half beast (lion)
  2. killed him at the midnight twilight, which was neither day nor night
  3. with his nails which was not made of either metal wood or stone
  4. on the door step on the entrance to the house which was neither in nor out.
God is smart!!


  1. I love reading your mythology stories! keep 'em coming :)

  2. Ha ha Thanku!! hav stories in mind... but no time!! :(
    So may be you can expect them in summer hols!! :)

  3. Wow.. You remember so many stories which your Grandmom told you.. really nice.. I've forgotten everything ;).. Keep posting :) Like reading things related to mythology :)

  4. I am assuming Raghu is the Raghavendra i know!! Yup i have lot of interest in mythology. :) But no time ra... will keep postin... n u can keep checkin them :) Tc

  5. Anonymous9/08/2013

    dude i think he was killed at twilight :) and btw acc to hindu culture midnight is night... :)

  6. Thanks. Will correct it. Wonder y i wrote midnight. Thanks again.


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