Friday, May 20, 2011

Visitor Visa/ Tourist Visa Questions

The following are the questions a Visa interviewer would ask if you are applying for a tourist visa. This set of questions is focused on "USA", but its the same set for any visiting country. Definitely not all, but if prepared for these clearing the interview would be easy. But remember,

  1. Answer to point.
  2. Dont lie.
  3. Carry necessary documents.
  4. Convince them that you would return back :)
Here they are:
  1.   Why are you going to the US?
  2.  Have you been to the U.S. before?
  3.  Do you have relatives in the US? If yes, who?
  4.  Who is going to sponsor your visit?
  5.  Where will you stay in the US?
  6.  What does your son/daughter do for a living?
  7.  How much does your son/daughter earn?
  8.  Where does your son/daughter work?
  9.  What does your son/daughter-in-law do?
  10.  Who is paying for your son/daughter-in-law's studies?
  11.  How long has your son/daughter been in the US?
  12.  Which visa is your son/daughter and son/daughter-in-law on?
  13.  Did your son/daughter study in the US? Where?
  14.  What visa did your son/daughter enter the U.S. on?
  15.  Is your son/daughter married?
  16.  Does your son/daughter have any children?
  17.  Is your daughter/daughter-in-law pregnant?
  18.  Will your wife/husband accompany you on your trip?
  19.  If only one person is traveling to the U.S. then they may ask: Why are you traveling alone? OR Why isn't your husband/wife accompanying you?
  20.  When do you plan to travel?
  21.  Why do you want to travel at that time?
  22.  What are you going to do in the US?
  23.  What is the purpose of your trip?
  24.  Have you blocked your tickets?
  25.  Do you have return air tickets, medical insurance etc.
  26.  How much expense do you expect from this trip?
  27.  Have you been outside India before?
  28.  Is this your first visit to US?
  29.  What places do you want to visit?
  30.  How long will you stay in the US?
  31.  Can't you finish your visit earlier? Why do you want to stay for so long?
  32.  What is the guarantee that you will come back?
  33.  When did you last see your son/daughter?
  34.  When did your son/daughter last visit India?
  35.  When does your son/daughter plan to visit India next?
  36.  Where do you stay in India?
  37.  When did your son/daughter go to US?
  38.  What work do you do and where?
  39.  What is your job profile?
  40.  How much do you earn/ What is your annual income?
  41.  If you are working, you may be asked: Did you take leave?
  42.  Your income is not enough to support international travel. What do you plan to do?
  43.  If you run a business, you may be asked: Who will look after your business in your absence?
  44.  When did you retire?
  45.  How much pension do you get?
  46.  What assets/property do you have in India?
  47.  Who will take care of your property in India while you are gone?
  48.  Can I see you Business/visiting card?
  49.  Do you have a credit card?
  50.  Will you work in the US?
  51.  How many children do u have ? And where are they? What do they do? Are they married?
  52.  What is your son/daughter's birth date?
  53.  When is your son/daughter's wedding anniversary?
  54.  Can you tell me your son/daughter's contact details?
  55.  Show me your documents OR Has your son/daughter sent any documents?

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