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365 days!!

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My first 365 days in US. My first 365 days as Shruthi Mahesh :) My first 365 days as a MS student. My first 365 days in Binghamton. Wonderful right? 

2 semesters up! And haven written about life here! Duhhh...! Time is the reason. Actually "No time" :P Dedicated to the place, which taught me not only to crib and cry, but to live!!

BTW this post answers: Hows life? Hows married life? Hows education system there? Hows masters there? I heard too many Indians right? and last but not the least when you returning? Hopefully all :D

The US of A, the thought was indeed enchanting. I remember the very first day we landed here. I was feeling like any other tourist. It was 7:30 pm and it was bright as if it was 3 pm. I liked it! He kissed me and said "Welcome to USA!"  There were 3 suitcases and 2 baggage's. I had to carry 2. I was looking out for my dad for help. Later just shooed the thought. :)  The drive to new home was lovely. There was green and more green and green all around and i fell in love with the city instantaneously. I was noticing every effort Mahesh was taking to make me comfortable and relaxed. After all had left everyone for him right ? :D He was a darling actually. 

The grassy spaces in between each house, wide side-paths, huge backyards, wooden houses, lush wooded hills, 2 rivers and bridges over them makes Binghamton a beautiful quiet place.Its in fact a valley formed by the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers. One thing missing in Bangalore was a river and lo!! Bingy has two :) The tourist feeling hadn't left me yet. I missed my 2-wheeler now. But i loved to walk too so would cover near by places and visit few small malls and stores by foot. Every time i paid the grocery bill with crisp notes at least 2 people would stare at me. I wondered why. :P

Almost a month till school began, I was learning the art of becoming a good house wife. I didn't know how to prepare coffee or tea and till date i don't know:P  Mahesh according to me is a "ghar-foodie", if such a term exists. He likes home food and who had to prepare? ME. I was fretting/cursing for cooking once a day when people cook thrice a day back in India. MM actually liked what i cooked. So that was relieving. But the main issue was i was not liking it. A tongue used to mom's food for 23 years couldn't adapt to new food. (Wish i could use Adapter Pattern here :P Ah.. the geek in me..!!) He actually told me parents that i am good cook. My dad some how doubted that :P

School began in the Fall. The vibrant colors exhibited could make a visitor just go mad! Hectic schedules began.. You are expected to know everything, if not at least learn them soon. While i was complaining about the abundant course work in my university.. i started hearing about how other universities have pretty light schedules and give good grades too. Mr MM convinced me, I am fine and doing good. That kept me on.

We made abundant visits to the Wegmons, price chopper, Walmart late nights. I loved and will remember them for ever. There are instances where either of us would be apologizing or making promises to change for the better. He even called my mom and said "Your daughter is more worried about house, food and vessels than studies!!" 1st semester passed by and then there was December. Fall was an awesome experience, with long walks on the bridge, Beethoven park and eating together and fighting over who would prepare food and who would wash vessels and the New York trip.

I started missing Indian food. I am used to hotel food during sundays. And who on earth cooks on Sundays in India. I wanted all those liesures and pleasures now. I wouldn't mind if someone fed me also. A little i realised now that Binghamton is all this. But i still liked it. 

I met many new families and made new friends. They invited me for Vishnu sahasranama recitations, pot lucks, godh-bharai's and birthday parties. I was always exempted from cooking. The woman treated me like their lil' sister who's come to study and never bothered to assign work to me. It was a very warm feeling to be with Indians in US.  Hmm.. their kids, how could i forget them? I was trying to understand their accent, answer their questions and seeing all new toys and equipments todays kids have  to play with:)

 Here, i learnt why "White" is the symbol for "Peace". Every morning, inspite of the effort taken by me to walk carefully to the bus-stop (have slipped innumerous times and fallen thrice :P) I would love to look around, for everything was pitch white and looked so serene to my sleepy eyes. I used to royally crib to go to the morning lectures. Woahhh!!

Bangalore was "Bang"galore for me! No rivers, no much greenery(as compared to here) but people and food, that made all the difference. :D Weekly golgappa's, bhelpuri's at 4th block Jayanagar. A visit to grandma's house every sunday and those fireside chats (influenced by Head First Design Patterns :P) with mom,  bhashans from dad and all the quarelling with bro and cousins and of course my friends! Aww.. miss them!!


  1. This did not answer all the questions :P

  2. I know what i missed out :P We want to return soon. But want a lil' work ex here :)


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