Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forgotten the world

This feeling only a mom rather a new-first-time mom can understand. That tiny hands, small faced 7 pound wonder has made me forget the world. Yes i do facebook but I don't care about anyone now. Lost myself to him. Motherhood is like a out of world feeling!!

He came into my arms struggling to open his eyes and made some peaceful sighs. I introduced myself to him as his Amma and i was crying. He saw it too with his puffed tiny weeny eyes. He was a tall baby and continues to be so. On day 2 only he learned to latch and day 5 he actually opened his eyes wide open. Soon we learnt that he likes hot water baths but the doc put a full-stop to it as his umbilical cord hadn't fallen off yet. The 11th day punyajana went well and we named him with 5 lovely names "Akarsh","Sai smaran", "Gowriah setty","Mukul","Eeshan". I remember his 12th day, i spent half an hour talking to him at 7 in the morning. Wonderful it is communicating with a being who was made by you but cannot understand a word said by you yet :P. I spoke shit with him telling about how my life was and how it will be now with only him in mind. Hope it is in his memories too.

They say kids are still communicating with god about their good and bad deeds of their previous life and making deals about this life. Now and then when he is sleeping i'm giving him tips to help him make his deals. Oh man, i pity him; such a stupid mom he has.

Life is all about diapers now. He is in his 0th month and already does a lot of tricks. His 1 month bday is today and i baked cup cakes for all. He tasted it too. :) (I made him taste!!) He notices people and sounds since 2 days. Looking forward for more awesome stuff.

Cheers to God!!

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