Thursday, September 18, 2014

Month 2

This chotu is too smart. I think his grandma is training him to be so. They both bond amazingly well. My mom is a introvert actually and playing with kids is her passion (I have definitely inherited that :)) She and he go on talking for minutes about random silly stuff. Me & MM have a laugh at this duo actually. He has learnt to coo and make sounds. Sometimes he responds amazingly well to the questions we ask iff hez done with his feed and has had a good nap. He says good morning in the same tone as mom says. I think he may learn to speak soon. :)

After dad left i got involved in his bath time. Trust me, these are so delicate that i need to pour water also with so much caution. I can spend hours together looking at this wonder but these days he identifies/ smells me and cries relating me with his food. So i instantly hand him over to mom or MM. All of us actually fight to burp him. He he. MM doesn't involve much in anything though he claims to know everything, but loves to burp him and kiss him. MM's mush kinda hurts him and he responds so cutely staring into his dad's eyes.

He feeds exact 2 hrs intervals during the day and night about 3hrs plus. I'm astonished how this guy realizes its 2hrs and hez up and crying. A few days back myself and him cuddled (Hez begun to stick to me and sleep) Mom said it was so wonderful to see us like that. When he is next to me, i am more cautious and hence do not sleep well, so i prefer putting him to sleep in the swing for few hrs so i can sleep and roll as much i want.

When he is hungry he makes a frown. I don't understand how he learnt that. He looks at his grandma or dad and makes that. n they both instantly search for me. How this cute creature displays emotion is so puzzling!

I feel he sort of understands me. We had been to grocery shopping and he didn't disturb his momma. The other day had been to bhajan and he didn't wake up there. I'm also a good mommie, 3.5 hrs i had wrapped up everything and i brought him home quick so fed him at home.

Making besan ladoo for this month bday. Cheers to me n my beta!! I'm royally enjoying creating collages of his pics and doing all funny naughty stuff. :))

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