Thursday, August 13, 2015

BIDWTF 3 : kissing day

My LO is actually having fever. Hez getting it every month for the past 4 months. All my attempts to make him chubby are going futile due to this fever. N also not to forget it lasts for 5 days. Crazy right?? Anyways got his blood work done n hez fine. Just lil anemic.

So back to the kissing part. Me mom n LO were in kitchen and he went up to the fridge and kissed the mirror looking at himself. Such a awww moment it was. He surely has few mama genes. 😜 n not to forget after that may be he realized how much his mamma n grandma are doing for him he came n wet our cheeks too. I surely don't want to forget this day. Mmuuahh!!

** BIDWTF is a series of incidents i don't want to forget. Mukul's childhood is very dear and precious to me and i want to pen down as much as possible. One day when i'm old and we all are old this will bring a million dollar smile on my face i bet. Hope you enjoy reading it too!! **

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