Monday, January 11, 2016

Bannerugatta experience

Another place you should visit. At least if you are from or in bangalore. It's pretty much on the outskirts but a vast place. A national park so I guess it's up to certain standards. Had fun time with family and  Managed to capture some awesome pics. Never been this close to such ferocious animals. 

                        An ostrich 

    A tiger actually making :P expression. 

A lion hardly 10 feet away from us. Pretty scary. Love this capture. 

             You lead and we'll follow. 

A disturbing scene. Too many crocodile. 

     The royal Bengal tiger. How vibrant!!

A lioness. The most powerful animal in the jungle. 

         Crocodile well camouflaged!!

         Here I come for you!! Oooo 

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