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The Hungry Sun

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Hola friends,

Myself and Mukul are participating in an story activity contest organized by ColgateIndia and this is a very short story from us. He is just 2.5 years old and I personally do not like to disturb his thought process and hence have retained the originality of the 2.5 yr old's babble and used his characters with my verbiage. Caillou and Peppa are his favorite cartoons and Clarabella is the name of the protagonist, a crocodile in this current bed time storybook. Hope you all appreciate our sincere effort.
Here's presenting "The Hungry Sun" 


Mukul's life was far from perfect. He had too many things to worry about for a two year old. His dad woke him up always with the curtains open. How those sharp rays pierced his gentle eyes! My!
Once awake and done with bath he had to literally plead and beg his mom to turn on his favorite planets song! My! My! 
But wait... Everything was strange today. On the floor were toys! Cardboard paper toys! And no one around! What fun! 

"Mr sun sun, Mr golden sun
Please shine down on me. "
"Amma... Mr sun is out. It's very hot"

"5,4,3,2,1 vroom vroom"
"Mukuuuul what's the noise?"
" Amma see its a rocket"
" no dear it's called spaceship. "
" no Amma, its super rocket-spaceship"
It flies high in the sky dear, like an aeroplane"
" Amma super rocket-spaceship-aeroplane"
" Amma super-rocket-spaceship-aeroplane-school van"

She giggled and he giggled too. He exactly knows when he cracks a joke and he knows what his mom laughs at. Blood relationship after all!

Mukul stayed mum for a while. Shruthi knowing him well didn't quite expect this silence. She squinted and leaned over the corner on the island in the kitchen to see him gather all the cardboard pieces. "Peace at last. Story time.", she mumbled. Kids of his age are truly amazing for they have million things going on their tiny brains and when they start expressing it you cant stop them. Not even for a minute. Mukul could go on non-stop for minutes. May be hours, you never know.

"Clarabella...." A soft voice said!
"Caillou....." He added

She wondered if Mukul is making any story out of these characters. You all know, that's exactly what she wanted too! 

"Mr Sun is big. Really big"
"Amma Mr Sun says, I'm hungry"
Mukul may be felt the Mr Sun's life too may be depressing like his. Being hungry isn't a great feeling after all.
"Mukul, which is the brightest planet?"
"Venus! Amma venus is sad, the sun will eat it", zoom ran the venus piece from his right hand into a small dump of blocks which he had earlier destroyed with his might.
"Amma now saturn is really sad", now the saturn was in that pile too. Poor little cardboard pieces! 

Far away, from a window in the spaceship, the super astronauts Caillou and Peppa are watching the sun. They are amazed at how the sun is looking today. Huge and wobbly! A sense a fear prevails over duo as they watch Clarabella coming closer to the sun. What on space is Clarabella doing here! Aliens are dangerous and fictitious they thought but little did they know that they were about to encounter one today. 

"Amma see. Amma see Clarabella, big bad bully Clarabella"

Clarabella and her planet were eyeing on the earth since few years. They planned to take away all the wonderful flora, fauna and grab from the planets all its best resources and fly far away. What to do now to save the planet? Was there going to be a war? A space-war? Peppa and Caillou were flying in their suits all over the spaceship assembling all the very few war weapons they possessed. They had not foreseen this. Not them, nor NASA, nor ISRO. Terrible times ahead for their lovely planet, their gigantic galaxy and their humongous universe. All they could do now was to ask Mr Sun for help. Would he? But how do they convey their plan to the wobbly Mr Sun? Only questions and no answers.

Peppa sensing the danger, acts quick and shouts "no  Mr sun, don't eat us!"
Mr Sun glares at Peppa, says "I'm really very hungry". He begins to understand what Peppa is hinting at.
Caillou adds to clear the confusion "please don't eat us!"

In a jiffy jumps the sun and gobbles up every bit of Clarabella and thats the end of the evil alien.

"Amma, Ha ha laughs Mr sun like bakasura"


“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at 
BlogAdda in association with Colgate."

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