Monday, July 6, 2009

DVC v/s A&D

This is the effect of watching angels and demons twice...!! Both the novels are one of the best i have read so far, but i am sort of more inclined to angels and demons for quite a few reasons! When i was watching the movie the second time, i was just trying to recollect and relate both the books!

1) The protagonist is the same Robert Langdon! A symbologist from Harvard!{ i had actually not realized this until a friend of mine told!}

2) Both books have the leading ladies as really talented and smart women, one being Sophie and the other being Vetra. I personally like the latter more, she seemed more confidant, sensible, spontaneous woman, especially after escaping with that piece of sheet from the archive!

3) There's a threat to the Roman Catholic church. That's the basic plot of both the books - Save Christianity!

4) The plots are such that there's a threat to "Religion" from "Science".

5) Both the books talk about a group of people believing in Science, and how responsible science is for the creation of Universe. One being Priory of Sion and the other being Illuminati!

6) In A&D though Camerlango is responsible for everything, but the role of the assasin is similar to the role of Silas in Da Vinci.

7) Both the novels begin with murders.

8) In a time span of 24 hrs the entire mystery is solved.

9) Sculptures and sculptures and sculptures is what both the books have! It was a pretty tough task to imagine while reading, but after watching the movie you will definitely feel like touring the Vatican City once in your lifetime!

This is all i know!! Its been ages since i have read the books. You are free to comment and express your views on this!


  1. For point 1. :)

    For point 6. Don't reveal the mystery! Or add a preface to your post saying, "those who haven't read the book/seen the movie, this post might be a spoiler"

    For point 8. Good observation!

  2. I agree..Dont reveal d mystery..Add "Spoiler alert" to ur post heading..
    BTW one thing..I dont recall Religion is a threat FROM SCIENCE in both the books..
    Brown's a lil anti-christ material however in DVC its the facts known to the ppl which couldve caused Christianity to fall..
    More like a controversial fact/fiction regarding how Christianity was originated.
    P.S - 2 best books i've read.. :)

  3. Com'on the books are too old n everyone would have read it!! n i have carefully written, it doesn't reveal mystery n all!! It isn a spoiler!! n tejas, i'll answer to u soon!!


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