Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Self Obsession due to Facebook!

Which color best suits my personality??
What are my attributes based on the month i was born??
What does my birth month say about me??
What kind of smile i have??
How lazy am i?? {i got "really lazy":P}
Do i use Left brain o the Right brain or both??
Whats my IQ level??
Which friend's character am i??

last but not the least.....
When will i die??
How will i die?? {apparently someone's gonna stab me!}

Now i guess you know what i am talking about! These are the applications on facebook! Lord, i just got obsessed with myself taking up all these tests! They are really a crazy set of questions to be answered and then the results are out! There are times when i have laughed like hell seeing the answers and a few times saying nah that's not me!! Another thing i noticed was my friends too are taking these quizzes and a few are making up their own quizzes! WATEVER!! i had fun answering them! And for this reason i can say Facebook is ok!! But orkut still rocks!!


  1. Trying something new and getting used to it always takes time... :)

  2. Well Facebook being addictive is one of the hot topics over the net :)
    And now i can see why u've become so lazy ;)
    And 'some ppl' should TRY out new stuff ;)

  3. I have actually reduced Face-bookin :)!!! n wats with this new stuff?? can u be more specific??


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