Monday, August 17, 2009

Misinterpretation at its Max!

"Helloww is there anyone behind you..?? "

For a questionnaire like me, this was like the most puzzling question someone's ever asked me!! Am sure this will remain one too. This in my life dates to sometime around June 2007!

The gym i used to go was pretty spacious and pretty expensive too. The best part about it were the super-friendly trainers and the people who would regularly come there to exercise. I used to meet people from all walks of life there- students to be in "shape", aged men to look younger and women to be healthy and fit. There were a few who would come just to make friends too, and increase their contacts because they believed networking helped their business! {i too strongly believe in that!} In particular, "He" was one among the most irregular persons coming to the gym. All i saw "him" was around 5 times in a span of 6 months. But whenever "he" came, "he" wouldn't miss giving a stare with a bright, cute smile :D and i too used to respond to "that smile" with a sweet smile of mine! For now, "He" is just a memory, and my memory sucks, which means i have forgotten "his" face and how "he" looks! Of traces of what remains in my head, "He" had pretty less hair, an oval-ish round face, was almost 6 feet tall, and had a pretty well built body {not too much tho!} Once had heard "him" on "his" cell too. Lo! "he" spoke in Telugu. I was too excited for a reason i didn't know myself.

Yup coming to the actual incident!! Once it so happened while i was on the treadmill, "he" came up to me and asked " Excuse me! Is there anybody behind you"?? THE literal translation of "mee venakala yavarana unnara??" Iii was totally lost into a world of thoughts! What the hell did "that" question mean?? Why will somebody be behind me?? Like an idiot i gaped at "him", trying to understand the question and "his" giggling expression. For almost 2 minutes i was blank! Ahh.. then i realized.... "he" was asking if anyone had reserved the treadmill after me!

Thanks to God, i figured it soon! Else i have no idea what damage that question would have caused! Look at the irony, just 1 statement said by "him" and countless thoughts and not to forget innumerable assumptions following it. Anyways, later I had a strong feeling "he" has carefully, consciously, wanted-ly said that sentence! Trust me GUYS are just Pahhh....!!!

P.S- I have taken a hell lot of time to decide whether to post it or not!


  1. Woah!! funny! What a post! I hope "he" reads the post! :p

  2. ha ha..!! Hope "he" reads it! But am damn sure that if "he" reads it, "he"'ll get to know its "him"!

  3. A TYPICAL shru's i-hate-guys, all-guys-are-cheap kinda post !!! :)
    AS they say some ppl NEVER change :)
    Funny incident though..Ending of the post--->BADDDDDD !!!

  4. Dude i have changed! SOME guys ARE cheap! not all! okeh!!

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  6. omg... really funny!!i remember the "gym guy" u used to talk he the same one?
    u toh r a big tubelight...atleast after 2 min it struck u...illandree
    chance pe dance marle:D for him

  7. Yup its him only! I remember Vivek would call him "Coconut"! ha ha.. yup tubelight only and company is philips! :P

  8. its really funny yar..thank god he cudnt read wat all is running in ur mind..

  9. damm funny.... sometimes happens!!
    shru u observed so much abt him ;)

  10. @nishtha: If he could read wats goin on in my mind then.... that wud be a new story!!

    @madu: He was too cute kane.. cudn help.. :D


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