Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DATE Drama ...!!

Two questions for u:
  1.  3/5/2010 = 3rd May 2010 or 5th Mar 2010 ........???
  2. 10th Jul 2010 = 10/7/2010 OR 7/10/2010 ..........???

I don't understand why the mm/dd/yyyy format for date came up?? We were happy with dd/mm/yyyy right??
This issue didn't bother me until i started programming. In India, the usual dd/mm/yyyy is followed but these days everything is internationalized and every company will have at least one foreign client! So, this needs to be taken care while programming.

The next observation i made was little weird though. In the javascript (js) you were supposed to follow mm/dd style and in the Java Server pages(jsp) you are to follow the dd/mm way. And the issue i was looking into dealt with one js and one jsp page which were linked.

Upon this to make it look neat and formatted a "0" had to be appended. i.e. 7/4/2010 had to be written as 07/04/2010 :)

Lord.. you had to see the amount of confusion that had stacked up in my brain. I bet, it was clearly visible on my face too! Buut, It was fun!

P.S: Google is God!

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