Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bollywood Masala...!!

When i was in India, Zoom, MTV, Channel V.... what not...!! Even though i wasn't interested i somehow knew so much of  THE bollywood gossip. A chat with cousins and friends would also help me know about these small tiff's these actresses have against each other and new link ups and new heroins and all the dumb stuff as well....!!

Here I am totally unaware of whats happeneing... so decided to browse a little :) ummm... actually loads of Bollywood stuff today and now noting down the ones i remember.... all the major eye-catching masala of bollywood... Here it comes...:

  1. Imran is getting married to Avantika
  2. Imran and Ranbir have commented on Sonam saying she worries more about looks than acting :P
  3. No one killed Jessica is a good movie. But why is Rani promoting the film more than Vidya??
  4. Salman got best actor for Dabaang (Such a yuck!! movie.)
  5. Competition between Katrina and Malaika for their songs "Sheela ki jawani" & "Munni badnam hui".
  6. Band Baaja baraat is a hit!! (I liked it!!)
  7. Chetan Bhagat's "2 States" is going to be a movie soon :) {Hope he doesn't have trouble with it this time!}
  8. Wow.. a movie on Telugu actress Silk Smitha. The role is gonna be played by Vidya Balan....??
  9. Shah Rukh Khan is having a tough time with everyone. He needs to device ways to patch up soon :)
  10. Rani Mukharjee marrying Adithya Chopra next year!!

Ahhhha... I cant think of anymore...!! Anyways GNSD :)

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