Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love at First Sight - - - 3

The India trip was all fun. The boat houses, the beaches, flower gardens were so exciting.  In Kashi, Rhea saw hooded woman bend pray and apply something on their forehead.  She tried doing that with her scarf. She felt so good.  She saw dad see her but she didn't react.  She remembered a friend saying "You look like an Indian with that... "   The entire India trip dad was actually silent.  She had seen him this silent, but today she saw some pain in his eyes. Rhea had never seen him like this before.

2 more days and they would be heading back to their nation when dad called Rhea. "I want to show you something today. You got no option but come with me..."  They traveled almost 45 minutes.  It seemed like some country-side.  They stopped in front of a pale yellow building.  May be it was an antic museum,  Rhea thought.  She silently followed dad and he asked the receptionist " I want to talk to Mother! Tell her, I am here to give a donation.  She will understand "  The receptionist took some time to understand his accent and she went to call Mother.

An old lady, in mid fifties, who was the owner of this Children Home, was fondly called Mother by everyone.  She sent a call for Siri as well to join them. Mother and Siri walked towards them and greeted Dad.  Siri came in, removed her spectacles placed them on a table and she eyed the girl standing next to the man.

They ran and hugged each other.  They embraced tightly.  This was indeed Love at First Sight.  They have never met before, they didn't even know the existence of each other but yet they couldn't stop smiling at each other.  Their bond was mysterious.  They cried in happiness.

"I never knew I had twin sister" sobbed Rhea.

Dad later explained how he had taken Rhea away from Siri in this Children Home 18 years ago.  Siri now understood her dream and hugged Rhea all the more tightly!

The End...!! Hope you liked my First story! If yes... do drop a comment!! :)


  1. Anonymous1/28/2011

    your story is good
    it was good to read
    Iwas happy to read
    your way of writing [words] was good
    I enjoyed reading.


  2. Anonymous1/29/2011

    Hey nice one.... Touching!!!! keep writing ....


  3. Very well told and written... Keep it up.
    Quick note:
    The ad on the left bar overlaps the story text on iPhone browser

  4. Anonymous2/07/2011

    That was one AWESOME story, Shruthi!! Loved the twist in the tale at the end! Keep them coming... you've got the knack of writing :^)

    - Sandy


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