Friday, February 11, 2011


"Can i see you shaving your beard today??" Neena had asked in the morning. He remembered these words while he was washing his hands after lunch at office. He chuckled to himself. For his serious, grave persona, Neena was such a relaxation. He could never know how she could have so many thoughts at once. He returned to his cubicle and on the way he grabbed a cappuccino. He sat and smiled again..!! Now he remembered, how his lady love had cream on the tip of her nose, trying to make a heart shape by blowing air over his coffee two days before. He was missing her now. He called home.

"Hello Neena"
"Neena isn't at home Beta. She has gone out with Ruchi."
"They both have no better work is it?"
"You want me to tell her anythin?"
"Nahi, had to ask somethin.. so called.."

He had seen and heard of so many girls go crazy over sandals, clothes, hair, make-up stuff... but he was blessed with a wife who was crazy about antics. Now, after 8 months of marriage he wished she were normal. He was tired of taking her to museums and historical places. Even on their honeymoon, she had dragged him into a nearby house where the interiors were decorated with elephant's tusk and sandalwood statues with embroidered silk cloth on them. He knew where exactly she was now, he remembered her talking about some street play, enacted by great artists {whom only she knew}to revive the lost Culture & Tradition in India.

He decided to surprise her. It was 5pm when he left the office. He made his way through the traffic which seemed unusually high today. He took a left when a cop stopped him "Sorry Saab, Tagore Mahal  caught fire and no vehicles are allowed inside." "Waaat? How..??" "One of the performers, blew fire in an act and the nearby curtains caught fire." He was panicking. What should he do now. "What about the people there?" "They are being rescued Saab, but few are injured and 2 are dead. A women tried to save a kid and she was struck inside." He so wished its not Neena. He held the cops collar tight "I want to see my wife right now. I want to go in. I know she is safe but I WANT TO SEE HER!" he yelled. Even before the cop coud stop him he ran towards the building. He cried for the first time. His eyes were looking out everywhere for a short, fair, long haired angel.

He returned home stressed out, crying. He couldn't imagine a world without her now. She was everything to him. He fell in front of Neena's photograph...

"I will return from work early.... Please come back!!"
"I will help with cooking... Please come back!!"
"I will respond to every word you say.. please come back...!!" he cried
"I will change.. I will talk more.. Tell everything to you... love you like how you want me to.. Our house will be painted pink only.. We will have two kids only.. You can even manicure and pedicure my arms and legs... Neena.... Please come back......"

"Raj..." she says. The joy of his life had returned!!


  1. Hey wow.. I could feel the tension while reading this :) Nice build up!

  2. wow very nicely written... could imagine u and mm in it as the protagonists :) lovely story!

  3. @Nishchi : Am glad!! :) thanks!
    @Varsee : Thanku soo much! & Nooo don't relate to real life and world ya!

  4. Awesome trail till the end! Glad to see that the name was 'Raj' :P

    Love ya

  5. He He....Thank you so much da.

  6. Awesome..!!"like"d it..

  7. Hey...Nice one..! Loved it..!

  8. super!! nicely narrated :)

  9. Thanku Satti, Chida & Renu!!


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