Saturday, June 4, 2011

Battle of Wits!

Keen observation and quick reaction to a situation is what i call "Wit". I don't know how i remembered this story suddenly. I am sure you will love it too.

All the sages and munis were living peacefully until the two demons Ilawala and Vatapi started troubling them. The demons ruthlessly ruined their houses, disrupted the homas and yagnas. The sages warned them saying that definitely Lord will be come to their rescue. Fear arose in Ilawala and Vatapi. They had always been hearing how Lord Shiva, Vishnu had been killing all the demons/asuras one after the other. They didn't want to be the victims too.
For a few days, they stopped troubling, but their hunger and thirst for destruction was not satisfied. After all demons are supposed to do that.:P They being magical as well came up with a plan. A plan to satiate their hunger, physical and materialistic.

They disguised themselves as sages. They began befriending few sages and invited them  home for lunch. Vatapi, took the form of food i.e various delicacies and Ilawala used to serve this on a banana leaf to the invited sage with all due respects. After the heavy lunch, Ilawala would call Vatapi out, who would rip the sage's stomach and come out thus killing the sage. Days passed and few sages started this manner. No one knew where they were nor they knew anything much about these new sages.

The great sage Agastya once came to perform a yagna/sacrifice in this village. After the yagna, the other sages told him their troubles with Ilawala and Vatapi and about the mystical disappearances of few sages and requested him to sort this out. He promised to help them out and hence stayed there for a few days, noticed how the sages were disappearing.

One fine day after he took his holy bath, the 2 sages invited him to their house for lunch. He noticed how plump and well-built these sages were and also their behavior was not sage-like. He guessed they must be Illawala and Vatapi. Moreover their hermitage was a little far away. All these made him more suspicious and more careful.

As promised he went to their hermitage. After the heavy but a delicious lunch, Agastya immediately said   "Vatapi jeernapi". This time when Ilawala called Vatapi out, there was no one to come out. He was digested.

That was the end to Vatapi and Illawala later apologized resorted to Sadharma.

P.S: Vatapa jeernapi is sanskrit for "Digest Vatapi".


  1. Amazing !!!!! Truely !!!! How do u manage to recollect such all tym beautiful stories :) :)

  2. Thanks ya..!! Avva used to tell right... i remember :0


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