Thursday, June 9, 2011

B'day gal Varsha :D

Hi! Varsee (MP)... Happy Birthday dear... I always cherish the time which we have spent together. I can never forget those crazy scooty rides, Sangam circle chaats, 2006 New Year celebration and your attempt to make me dance but the most memorable for me is the trip which we took, when we were in first PU cos that’s when we got to know each other well. While we were coming back from the trip all the way back to Bangalore we listened to music and spoke about our favorite songs. Music made us to bond with each other and I hope we always keep this bond special. Thank you for being my friend and giving me such beautiful glorious memories to remember. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. May God bless you with loads of love, luck and prosperity…Love ya lots, Muaah, Take care. Party hard and enjoy your Birthday..

Hi varsee,,, Wish you a very happy birthday :) :)
Really miss you a lot tik and also your home.. hee hee.. most of the times when we had half days or on days like holi, or to watch movies, combine studies, and not to forget our dance practices(especially maangalyam tantu naanena... ;), for which we won 1st place also.. some college,, (I don’t remember :( )and also mind blowing maahiya and some other dance which I could not do because of some leg injury :( .. For all these...the only place that wud come to our mind is "varsha's house"... so much fun those days were... Though I wasn’t so close to you initially, it was all during our last 2 yrs of engineering that we got close :)

Everyday with you during our college was so much fun!! I always used to wonder how on earth this girl has got so much energy that she keeps talking all the time... always full on and in full josh!!

Well, I really am not able to recall any particular incidents now... but when i think of you, the things that come to mind are :- A great dancer, superb singer , trass coffee, ur mom made curd rice,, and few names of the tamil specialties which you used to get for lunch... and also maddy,, our senior. Remember we both took a pic with him ;) :)

Crazy times...

And also the last time when I met you recently was so much fun!!! You haven’t changed at all the same old sweet cute girl... be the same tik... u rock :)
Love you loads:* and miss you too :(

Happy birthday once again and have a blast!!

Hey Varsha,
Have a super duper birthday :-) I miss spending time with you, I still laugh and relive the moments when I look at all the photos and reminisce all the crazy things we have done.
It’s always said that in any relationship you have to put in efforts to maintain it but with you it’s been effortless, I could be myself and knew for the fact that I would still be respected for that and that something lovely about you that you keep the other person in the comfort zone.
We might have grown apart now but I know that we will always remember each other as the other twin or kongi sisters (as people call us)There are lots of incidents involving both of us and things

about you that I would like to write but let me keep it a little short rest of it is better off in memories ( getting a little emotional when I am writing this )

It all started off in 5th semester on a Friday when we had our first stay over which was at your place the day before mind blowing mahiya auditions, we laughed our hearts out mocking at your neighbors, playing the "what you think about the other classmates " game ( if you have forgotten I will remind you sometime on chat or when we speak :-) ). I don’t remember how mind blowing mahiya dance came along but I definitely remember the fun part of it with you: P

Through you I met a lot of people who actually went on to become very important in my life at some point or the other (thanks for that) and also before I forget while writing the other stuff, I must say you were/are a very smart student because you could not only understand the subject but crack some joke about it with the lecturer: o ( one of it being the OS joke about deadlock and some trains ) while I was blinking sitting next to you, but I dint have to worry about that because anyway you would yell at me and make study all those questions given by Apsara ma'am the day before internals and we would ultimately rock :D and remember the MC internals ? Where we decided to sign and come out, it was hilarious.

And one more very funny incident was in Rekha teacher's class and the topic was wireless communication I guess. That day somehow you decided not to sit next to me even though I did not have cold or any sort of viral fever and when she asked about examples for wireless you gave an example of Khabootar ( another brilliant creative side of yours :P ) and somehow I wanted to disprove you , so I drew a picture of you with your hairstyle ( remember the b**** cut which we got ? ) and a bird with a rope tied around its neck and the dor was in your hand which proved wired communication and by the time the paper could reach your hand Rekha teacher took it off from us and you know the rest :-)

You have been my partner in crime and we have done a lot of things together, whether it is getting people the famous " b**** cut" ( Nish's hair cut) or writing testimonials ( Shru's testimonial :-) ) , playing prank on people ("guess who" game ) , watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S bloopers ( and always fought over the topic who is gonna be Phoebe and who is gonna be Ursula ) , celebrating birthdays together, composing the naga dance or drinking the trass coffee ;)

Whoops!! Did not realize how time passed when I was writing about all this (same would happen when we got together... always!!). I have attached some photos of us and dedicated a song to you. Happy birthday once again and wishing you all the happiness in the world.

VARSHA !!! u are such a multitalented ,fun loving ,cutie, chirpy, cheerful, bubbly gal ,always full of lifeeee :) and u create such a wonderful atmosphere around that can never be forgotten. U have always been der wid me ,for me , been a guide to me ,and no wonder making everything seem so easy n nice:) . After megu, u have always guided me perfectly ...stood by me and been so supportive. There is no "one" instance which i can mention as very special or fun! It has always been so much fun being around with u:) All those vacations , movies, weddings, get togethers ...its all been so awesome .Our instant plans of doing something, watching random movies, playing some random sad ass(killer) games..dancing ...jus all kinda crazy fun we ve had! Wen eva amma wud tell us that u are coming home....we would just be so eagerly waiting for u di:) ..getting nostalgic:( .U are just a kickass gal, a super singer, a sweetie sister, a wonderful daughter, d most priceless friend one can have:) and now on the process of being a perfect wife:) ...we all are so blessed to have you with’s a very special feeling and can’t be described in words..:) u are just d best di...:) hope u achieve all the success and prosperity. May u have a super exciting year ahead!!! May each day motivate u to do your best:) May u keep good health always. May u have dat flawless smile of yours every day.:) May u look stunning with every passing day....:)..phew my list can go on baby!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VARSHA . wishing u loads of happiness and a rockin day !!!! enjoy every bit of your life!!!! miss u loads!!!! hakuna matata:) :)

Shru, such a nice thought!
Ok, so to think of I have so many memories of us and our childhood....let me think of 1 nice incident and write it down.......

The minute u say b'day...I only remember her 10th b'day. Madam wanted to celebrate birthday like other kids do, but no arrangements at home for it. No one at home in the evening, except me. (read as no cake). One by one all her secret invitees arrive for the "Birthday Party" and I had to put up instant sweets n snacks for all of them.

Then she come home n says, "You guys might scold me, so dint tell you all that I’d invited my friends".

I still remember her in that white lacy frock with a mustard jacket kind of thing and saying all this standing in a corner. But I had screamed at her royally (as usual) even though it was her b'day.

Ok so out of 4 years I am suppossed to pick ONE incident ante... ONE??? Anyway.. Here's one that I vividly'll know why :)

Rekha's class.. Nobody is listening to her.. she finally says "i'm giving blue books" .. she gives the stack to students to distribute.. finally all of us get our blue books.. and the first thing we realize is, you got 1 mark more than lens.. even though lens taught you before internals!!! You and your luck!! anywayyyyyy :) we're done seeing blue books and we start getting bored so you decide to put pieces of paper on lens hair..your usual timepass.. and I'm sitting next to you getting annoyed at you... finally you decide to open your dabba.. one side you open.. the other side shru also opens.. rekha is happily arguing with students telling them she wont give them 1 mark extra.. and students trying to justify themselves.. in all that tamasha, both you and shru are sitting on my either sides and happily munching away.. you say "hey shru give your dabba,.. i wanna eat your mom's akki rotti.." you pass that damn dabba across me to mean to give it to shru.. at that exact point, rekha gets super annoyed and looks at the three of us and says "no shame.. i'm standing here for all you ppl.. all teachers always asked me, why you support ISe batch.. but somehow i always supported you guys since 3 yrs.. i dont think i should anymore.. you ppl dont respect me only.. what nishchita eating in my class.. " and i go "ummm... no ma'am.. ummm" ... rekha goes "all 3 of you get out of my class.. dont take advantage of my leniance.. " .......and we happily go out :) :) :)

Ha ha ha ha!! Mind Blowing mahiya!!!!!! That second step we did in that song... how much you tried to teach me.. you broke that step down for me in sub steps..but i'm sure even if i still try it i wont get it!! yappa..!!

And i'll never forget our buzzintown days.. how much we used to wait for the lunch time.. yummy yummy lunch served hot.. and we used to wait so that we didnt have to go with that manager guy.. what was his name helu?? saraswati maam's manager i think... dont rem!! i think friday's in buzzintown was chole special alwa?? how many fryums you used to get and eat :) and that wait for that one cup of coffee at 4... :) and that thin guy who used to sit next to us attending phone calls remember...he used to wear major suit boot and all?? :) taking your sis's vehicle and going.. on the way dropping puppy to his school! cant forget cant forget!

Many many happy returns of the day.. have fun! wish we could all get together and cut a "pizza cake" for you again :) Once again, happy birthday!

It was that time when we had a good time in life which i would say college life and because of you there are so many memorable moments that has been created to cherish in our later part of the life .I love the way you make things excited !!!! Thank you for such wonderful and beautiful memories which you shared with me..
Allways Miss you ...... Bigggg hugggg and Birthday wishes from meeee.....Have a wonderful life ahead with lotsa fun.... GOD BLESS.


Hey Varsee, Dian is what i address her as ;-)... many many returns of the day sweet dian

VTU fest together...thats the thing which got us together..and thats where i got to know VARSHA

V ibrant
A rtistic
R eliable
S pry
H appy go lucky
A ffectionate

She is an amazing dancer, a good scholar,a very soulful singer and a helpful and trustworthy friend. She is dynamic, creative and spontaneous. These are not just adjectives but words that truly define her.
We had wonderful time rehearsing for the VTU fest(Tribal dance)..rem the time when we were trying out the ulta turn step and i got stuck....i am not going to get into more details cos u'll gross out...he he he...had so much fun... the nighouts at her place, studying together for exams,dance practices for verve, having dabba in class, canteen masti etc... there are so many memories to look back to......Of course ur snores..everything is memorable Varsee
She is the one who introduced me and Tanu to Shru, Nish, Renu,Swa and thanks Varsee cldnt have got such terrific friends without u...
Wish u all the love and luck in life...have a blast at ur bday... Love u Dian.

Still waiting for the jallebies you once promised,

The first month I met you, I thought “Such a fool…”
The next month it turned “Isn’t she cool??”
 3rd month I wondered “Aren’t her words sometimes bitter & cold?”
Few months later I realized “She’s just too too bold...!”

The hug in the CET cell changed what we were,
We became close, we began to care,
All the fun, excitement, the chaos and the notorious fame,
Without you all 4 year of Bachelors wouldn’t have been the same.

Don’t know of all, how wedding bells rung first for you, and me later
Helping us prove “Best friends are like wine, the older the better”
Such a bubbly, hyper and lovely girl you are Varsha,
In everyone’s life may you always bring harsha :P

Finally cheers to all the shit we speak &
All the stupid advices from each other we seek,
Caring and sharing our fun & fears
Lets remain the bestest friends for all the coming years!!
<3 u Varsee!!


  1. Post from Nanny?????????????????? Grrrrrr!!!!!

    Anyway.. sakkat this is! Happy birthday varsee :)

  2. wow wow im flooored :D wait i just read golti's words for grinning ear to ear ha ha its so cute...ok girlies will mail ya all about wot ever u have said about me!!


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