Friday, November 4, 2011

Bucket List!

Yabbba dabbbbaaaa dooooooo.... my 100th post. Was wondering what to fill in...!! Thanks to the Halloween party i attended today... this thing got stuck in my mind!

Here i sing along....

A cool halloween party with a sudden twist,
Everyone started pondering about their bucket list!
A humongous list of to-do's, wants and tries
to be accomplished before one actually dies!!

Scuba-dive & sky-dive to face off all your fears
Travel Rome, Egypt and the entire world for all the coming years!
Set up a place for the deprived who need care
& Feed the millions of hungry stomachs everywhere!!

Fly a plane or air balloon and soar into skies
Some want it alone, while some prefer with wives :)
To turn into an ascetic, renouncing all worldly pleasure
To learn the secret of life... One's real treasure!!

Each of us have been endowed by Almighty with gifts to give,
Make one wish true for a stranger and help him live!
I know dreams fade away, thoughts run astray
But may this little poem remind me of all i need to accomplish before He takes me away!!

!!Cheers to Life!!

P.S: I also want to run down an escalator which is going up. Tried it once before.... but a security guard scolded me...!! Ok back to studies!! :'(


  1. very nice poem. it brought that evening to a perfect end.

    thanks for sharing it.

  2. Anonymous11/14/2011

    Hi Shruti,

    Loved your blog, the Halloween poem is amazing, wow!! You have actually put across everything in so little n your sketches are beautiful, you are very talented.

    I had left a comment on your blog but looks like that didn't get posted.

    Way to go girl, u rock!!

    - Shaheen.


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