Saturday, November 26, 2011


Depicting devotion on paper isn't easy. Just tried. Basic idea was taken from a flyer i came across a month ago (approx) in my University. In my last sketch, many liked the portion of the sketch at the left-bottom end. So i tried a full sketch with that kind. I liked it!! I feel the real sketch looks better than these two pics. The pics have a lil' zoomed in effect. :( Anyways here it is.....

Nobody by birth is theist or an atheist. Nor can you force anyone to be either one. As life trods along, as new situations are faced... we need someone to surrender to. What/Whom you surrender to decides your belief in God; In other words decides your religion.

Its left to you to view this picture clockwise or anti-clockwise. In any case please feel free to share your views on this. Here's the original :

God Bless!!


  1. Hey Sis .. Beautifully depicted !! BELIEF is more accurate description of REALITY than one which isn’t very accurate!!:)


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