Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kolaveri rage... - A new brand in making..?

This post is all about an ordinary south Indian mass song which created sensation world wide with 13,839,508 hits on YouTube currently. Japanese are dancing to it, Americans are playing it back-to-back on Thanksgiving, management lessons being derived from it.... what not...!! Worth mentioning in my blog i felt!! After all i am the 534th user to watch it :) and see it soar to millions!  Well here it is.. all about Kolaveri!!

Original version by Dhanush (with awesome expressions i must say....)

A brutal murder attempt to this song (Female version):

A cute chipmunks version :

10 Simple Lessons from Kolaveri :) - A presentation

8 Lessons for Marketing Professionals from Kolaveri.

Marketing Lessons from Kolaveri

Viral Marketing Lessons from Kolaveri - A presentation

Aishwariya & Danush interview :

Japanese Dance to Kolaveri Tunes:

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