Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Month 4

What a month i say!! Filled with prayers emotions and anxiety.

He stands for longer time and wishes to be either seated or carried. Loves to talk to his ammamma and babbles with her non stop. I'm getting lazy and sleepy due to feeding every 2-3 hrs. The tyres are back and i hate them!! Grr..!! I wonder why Mr cool hasnt changed his schedule yet. So many babies have stopped troubling their mommas and this guy hasnt stopped yet. His PIO hasnt yet arrived so i might have to handle him alone and thats why i want him to be more mommy-friendly!!

Lost few pics of his. but had a wonderful halloween. He was Mike Wazowski. Cutie pie. Another day borrowed a frock from his future playmate :P and he looked lovely in it!!

His PIO didn't turn up aparently and mom left to India. I'm am handling him by myself. I cant believe it myself though but yes its true. Mr cool is growing big, as in physically and mentally as well. Hez become mr natak. Lot of drama he displays in grabbing my attention. Aww those cute faces he makes and those expressions he gives. Love them!!! Love him!!

He says a hello with a hand shake :) Gentleman style :P (His ammamma taught him ofcourse)

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