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Post Mahabharath War & Krishna's Death

Krishna is one most loved and celebrated and debated God's of Indian mythology. His entire life had been a mystery to me and many others like me. The Bhagawad Geeta and the Mahabharath war have added complexities in understanding his life. But what about post Mahabharath war? What happened to Krishna? How did krishna die? Here's my answers to all these. Avva used to tell this story a million times. 

36 years after the war, the entire yadav dynasty came to an end and krishna and balaram were sad and went to a forest and relaxed under a tree, nearby a lake. He knew his end had come. A huge serpent came from the lake, paid salutations to the Lord and took balaram. It was adishesha, Vishnu's serpent who had taken avthar of balaram. And  meanwhile, a hunter, mistook His feather to be a bird aimed with an arrow and killed krishna. 

This is a simple story. But the explanation and "why" part of it is answered below: 


After the war Ghandhari is broke and laments over the death of her 100 sons. She blames Krishna for this havoc and asks him why a supreme power like him couldn't stop this war. She curses krishna that his clan too well end in a similar way in 36 years from now. Krishna says her curse will take effect since she was  a great pathivratha, one who had served and stayed by her husband through all times.


Krishna prays to Shiva to bless him with a son like Shiva himself. As Shiva symbolizes destruction, Krishna wants this son to be the starting point of the destruction of their clan. Hence, his dynasty ends with his own son Samba who starts a fight with his siblings and they all end up killing each other.


The hunter feels extremely sorry for his act and asks the Lord for forgiveness. Krishna blesses him and explains that this was bound to happen. In Dwapara yuga, Krishna who was in Rama form killed Vali, a monkey king. Even though Vali doesn't harm Rama, he sided Sugreeva and killed him and hence proving that Karma doesn't spare anybody!


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