Monday, May 18, 2015

I dont want to forget this!!

Wondering if I should start a series BIDWTF : Because I Don't Want To Forget. Anyways first of this kind :) 

It was one day when were in London, the last-but-one day actually. Next day was our flight to India and we were having unending late night chats. We as in myself, hubby and sil. Amidst the conversation, hubby offered his hand to my son aaand 

MM: tell me darling, do you like me more or your mommy more?
Me (I offered my hand as well):  tell kannaya me or Pappa?

He stared at us. We stared at each other with a grim face as though we were competing for a trophy. Two cynical beings in front of him asking for a decision to be made at this instant. While all this was happening, he continued to stare. Then he moved front and back a little and adjusted himself.

Tick tick 1

Tick tick 2

Tick tick 3.........

He held both our hands simultaneously and smiled!! 

We both were lost for words and were amazed. My sil clapped and shouted "So sweet of him".

One of our best memories 😊

Never underestimate a 10 month old baby!! They are much smarter than us. Ohh I love him!! 

** BIDWTF is a series of incidents i don't want to forget. Mukul's childhood is very dear and precious to me and i want to pen down as much as possible. One day when i'm old and we all are old this will bring a million dollar smile on my face i bet. Hope you enjoy reading it too!! **


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