Thursday, December 24, 2015

An abused soul

On rocky waters she treads
Leaving all her self worth behind 
Ashamed of all the tears and sorrow 
Lets her past unwind. 

Bruised, battered; her mind heart and soul 
A perfect give back 
For all the love that she endowed,
Pain that she bore. 

Dreams shattered; afraid to start anew
Lays quiet;listening to waves hitting the shore
All the abuses, accuses thrown at her
2 fingers pointing at her more and more. 

Things were actually nice. 
The sky was blue and the clouds white
now it's turned all creepy black and blue
With nothing worthy left to write!! 

P.S :
Abuse doesn't leave visible marks. If anyone is going through any form of abuse please report! I hope in this MODIfied India, women like nirbhaya and the many other women out there get some, at least some justice. 

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