Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BIDWTF 5: locked out

Today was a different day. Amidst all the confusion in my life there's one happiness factor and that's Mukul. We played so much today and I entertained him for hours.

For 20 mins I saw him struggle to get down the 2 step ladder. So smartly he climbed it and he did soo many nakhras to get down. He called out Shuuuthi and made funny sounds etc. Finally I carried him and he smiled.  So much fun. 

After his nap which was about 4:45pm, I got up to get ready for our walk. I always comb my hair in the balcony. I stepped out and Mukul at first was playing on the bed and then was trying to climb on a chair. In a jiffy he closed the balcony door. And that too in such a manner that it got locked. I still donno how he did that. I was locked out and he was inside for about 45 minutes. Luckily his feed was done. So he played around with switches and was making faces at me and stuff. He did get bored and cry a lil. But I was entertaining him. First few minutes I as usual laughed but later I started to get panic. Meanwhile help was on the way but then I cried. (I was shouting from the balcony for help!!)

Hmm finally they came through the bathroom and rescued us. Thanks to all the people who helped. The woman who made calls to my parents and the security and the maintenance and the plumber who climbed 3 floors 😄

Y do we love our kids so much?

** BIDWTF is a series of incidents i don't want to forget. Mukul's childhood is very dear and precious to me and i want to pen down as much as possible. One day when i'm old and we all are old this will bring a million dollar smile on my face i bet. Hope you enjoy reading it too!! **

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