Sunday, November 1, 2009

My tip for Toefl speaking and writing!

Might be of some use to you:
  1. Address to the people involved in the script/video by their names.
  2. Be slow and calm and composed.
  3. Don't refer Barrons for toefl. Try to read/work out from Kaplan. Barron gives you the feeling "Toefl is too damn easy!", which isn't good!
  4. Coming to my tip: After the reading and the listening sections, a time break of 10 mins is given. Make use of this time, to jot down anything that you feel will be useful for the next two sections - Speaking and Writing, in the sheet of paper given. What to jot down will vary from person to person, What i would write, to keep things ready may be: Words or Phrases. You can read plenty of essays and come up with more phrases and strong words which help your essay sound more intense.
+ve=Confident, re-assure, anticipate, amiable,
-ve=refute, oppose
others- justifies,influence,spontaneous,redundant,contrary,consequence

All The Best!

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