Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A senior's advice!! Helped me lots!

Hi Shru,

Do the following..

1) Apply for transcripts. This includes all ur 8 sem marklists, degree certificate. For this you have to take xerox in A3 sheet (strictly). The no.of copies depends on how many univs u r going to apply.. So xerox them accordingly.. In case if your university provides you ppl with a consolidated marksheet, while taking xerox ask that guy to reduce it to A3 size and then take xerox.

P.S: While taking xerox make sure you have enough room for applying seal (university seal) and signature of the person attesting it..

2) Take sufficient copies of ur 10th, PUC and univ marklists.

3) Once ur GRE, TOEFL score reports comes xerox them as well..

4) Mos of the univs ask a copy of your passport as part of document. But ne way after seeing at the univ's docs requirement, include it in the list of docs only if it is asked.

5) Experience letter need not be included in the list of docs but it sure adds weightage to ur profile.. In case if you are getting a reco from someone where you have been working then you need not attach this.. Make sure the person who gives you Reco knows you very well because university might contact them and verify.. Reco must not exceed one page..

6) Start your SOP whenever you find time.. After multiple correction fine tune it in such a way it is not more than a page.. If you want i can provide mine as an example..

7) Prepare your resume. This is as important as ur SOP.. Make sure whatever you put in ur resume is true and you you have proof for it..

8) Many univs expect a bank certificate stating your financial position while applying itself.. Make sure it is enough to cover your full expense (living, tuition, etc,.)

9) Affidavit is also very important.. Incase if you are being funded by your father and mother you need one from ur mom and one from ur dad.. while sending the docs, staple affidavit and bank statement together.. Make sure ur affidavit is like ur father declaring that hez taking care of ur educational expenses and that he has so much in his accounts and he has attached the proof (bank statement) along with the affidavit..

10) Passport size photos you may require a lot.. In addition to that take 4 for visa.. that has got a separate dimension.. it wil be slightly bigger than ur normal passport size photo..

11) While sending docs, send through DHL.. reliable safe and you can track ur shipment as well.. they have a separate students pack for sending couriers to univs.. plus they have bulk coupons.. opt for that it'll be cheaper..

One thing i would suggest is till you give ur GRE TOEFL exams dont think abt these..
Once you finish, start doing this.. try to complete as many as the above mentioned points before ur results..
Giving GRE TOEFL is just 5% of the process.. the rest 95 is reeal pain..
Dont worry i'm there to help you..
Ne doubt ne time you can ask me..

All the very best..

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