Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 4 Letter Word - ****

- 8th July '09

After you came into my life, i can say there has been more negative thoughts than positive ones in my life and amongst us too! To begin with the very concept of "why not him in my life??" than "Do i like him??" was a puzzle to me. It still remains one too.

An year ago i would called it an crappy thing that could happen to a person. Now also please don't think i have fallen for some trap and saying all this. I still loath the give-take-greetings, senselessly-spend-on-gifts, impress-him/her-strategies!! Still **** means the very same to me; a daughter rushing to hug her mother after a long day at school, an old couple reading out stories to each other at bed time, a newly married pair holding hands n walking!

Its very hard to not to think of you and miss you in places where i was bound to miss you. **** for me, was when u called up late nights to just say I **** YOU, when you asked if i needed something from the mall you were about to visit and when you told my mom "i want her as my life partner!" . Everytime you called me "chinnu", trust me i would go mad! It was a very warm feeling. When you would call up and disturb me at 3 or 4 in the night, and ask a question like "what are you doing now?" or " Using three 9's and any mathematical operation can you get the answer 10??" just used to bring the blue-belt teak-wan-do kid out in me! Aaargh..!!

Frankly, i don't think you are attractive {please note that, seein you in front of me != seein in webcam :)}; but when you keep your hands folded on the table and place your head in between and look at me and when you look at me giving a small tilt, trust me you are smarter than anyone :) All i can see is just innocence in you!

Urs ABC!
P.S- I may be wrong, but will you be with me to tell what's right??

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