Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back Button!!

Learning to swim in this ocean called "Software Industry" is pretty tough in the beginning i guess... later one mite get used to these: work etiquette, conduct, 9 to 6 management of time+work, balance official n personal life, make some time for recreation! I have joined this company for a period of 4 months... and have decided to pen down small small issues troubling me...!

By the way, am in the development team working on Java! This company deals with e-tickets services but not for the theaters in our city. All its customers are in other countries and mostly concentrated in Netherlands!

The first one's being the "back button issue"! On click of a back button the was supposed to the go to the previous page! Simple isn't it?? I checked online for the "buttons" syntax and used it in the code. Basically i had to search for it amongst the java scripts, java servlets and java server pages.. and then used it in the code. And lo!! on click of it it went to the back page!! just like this:

I had to implement the same for like every jsp page. It worked fine.. but wen the page was in dutch language it didn't work at all! Huh.. Some language bundle problem, so had to look into the database and then it was solved! Yee! All thanks to these 2 girlies next to me! Major help they are to me!

P.S: These posts will be from office and they wont be long and formal! Remember am just penning then down :) Chaio!

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