Monday, February 8, 2010

S.A.M.S - Wish i never grew old.....(1)

"Good Moooorning Aunty.
Namaste Suprabhatham,
Bonjour Dobreuthra!"

"Standing at thy alter ooo our lord supreme
We renew our pledge to labor for thy dream"

"We the new,We the young
Marchin on hand in hand,
Smile on lips, rosy cheeks,
Hopes in heart merry band"

"Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare,
Swami jai Jagdeesh Hare"

"Hum panchi unmukth Gagan ke,
Pinjar badh na gapayenge" {Only shwe knows this! The Song we sang for AIR!}

School was so much fun. I had equal fun in engineering too, but the innocence which was in school was lacking :P {Shudn't complain tho, Need to GROW UP! Don we?? :P} The class i studied in till 8th was so entertaining, with all the drama's, skits, dances {organized by me n gopi..} and not to forget those fashion shows. I feel like slippering myself wen i think of those fashion shows. He He.. it was fun tho! Sometimes i suddenly remember few incidents and feel like jotting them down so that i never forget them, but that usually happens wen am like almost dozzing off!

Sri Aurobindo Memorial School = Grey-Blue Uniform+ Jiji + Papaji + Adithi aunty + the best staff in the world + the umpteen number of invocations+ prayers + laddoo's + the talking-at-cycle-stand + eatin "yummies" from that small canteen + TT in that small TT room + Kho-Kho + Badminton, Throw ball, Volleyball, Basketball + Tug-of-war{Nothing can beat this!} + Skipping with that loooooong rope + Ultimate utilization of half an hour lunch breaks + Bunking class to cheer the guys team at matches + Fun-filled sports day in the concrete-school-field and National Grounds + Murali sir + Taking glucose and extra lemons to make lemon juice + Repeatedly enacting and yet not getting bored of "Snifty's Lamp Post" + the recitations + impromptu's + Christmas carols + trips to resorts + last but not the least the friendly watchmen,ayyamma's!! :)

I actually don't remember anything much, except this: it was a corner in the small field in the primary building and myself, Shwetha N and Vijayalakshmi were having a chat. And the topic was "love". Guess we were talking about some movie, but at the age of 4/5, talking abt love is too much. :P

Std I 'B' - Smitha Ma'am
It was craft class and we had to make somethin out of color-aper and coconut. Mine was done{Mom had prepared it :P} and this gal Nivedita tells me i'll take yours home coz i don't know how to make one and get it back the next day. Apparently her bro throws my toy and breaks it. On the day of submission everyone has their toy except me and am sincerely crying and mean while i get a brain wave and go up to the teacher and say, we both are sisters, so can we submit one?? Nivedita too feels bad for me and joins me sayin, yes ma'am we r sisters. " I donno wat happened next. But i don remember kneeling down nor being sent out of the class. Aal Izz Well!

Std II 'B' - Aarthi Ma'am
Aarthi ma'am was our class teacher and she used to handle English for us. She was too strict but i liked her very much. Apparently this incident changed my life i guess, coz it was after this that i started topping the class n stuff! {Proved myself rather!} " It was socials test that day. While writing the test i just suddenly happened to see my socials text in my desk{i had forgotten to keep it in my bag!}. The invigilator too isn't near me so i try my hand in "COPYING". I just take the book and flip 2 pages and i get caught. Aarthi ma'am came n yelled at me!I cried cried and cried so much that day. I got so freaked that i never ever copied again. {Umm.. except in engineering :P n hmm 8th std Kannada and Computers paper!}

Std III 'B' - Yashodha Ma'am
Some cooking sessions were going on! Guess we made sandwich's! Mass sandwich making was fun! We took vegetables and bread and sauce from home and at the end of the day the result was a messed up kitchen which had turned into a fish market :p

Std IV 'B' - Razia Sultana Ma'am
We were playing "Catch-Catch" in the classroom. The guys, to exhibit their monkey-behaviour start climbing on benches and running on them. The it was my turn to be the denner. I target Gops and she too climbs on the benches and while running she slips n falls. Godd! Her fore head was bleeding. Nandini ma'am came immediately and carried her for the first aid. Am not aware of what happened next. But i didn't eat for 2 days. I remember Vijayalakshmi and Vaishnavi consoling and comforting me!

Std V 'B' - Alka Ma'am
The complaint against Murtaza coz he was too dominant and haughty. Soo many raised their hands in union against him. How sad were we. And i pity him!

"Maa Tujhe Salaam" ka dance! It came out so well! I represented "White"= Purity :) Priyanka and Shilpa represented Orange and Green resp. The guys who took part in this dance were Srinivas, Ravi and Mr. Third guy! {Sorry don remember!} Naveen. Pooja and Deepak entered the stage separately too. We 8 occupied the centre! Felt too good, That too such an amazin song! Thanks to Rehman!

I was seated next to the window and my partner was Sathvik. I happened to pull the coconut tree's leaf and immediately Sathvik pulled my hair and said "Its hurting right?? When you did that to that tree, it would have felt the same!!". He He.


  1. Naveen2/16/2010

    Mr Third guy in "Maa Tujhe Salaam" dance is me!!!

  2. Oh.. ok! Vishnu told me he to was in the main stage holdin the flag! So it was 9 of us in the center stage! Cool! thanks for readin it both of u!:P

  3. Anonymous2/16/2010

    Nice Shru, :) I had a nice laugh while reading your blog. How do you remember so much? And I thought I fell from playing 'catch-catch' when we were in 6th... I may be wrong :)

  4. U mite hav fallen again.. i donno abt that... but in 5th u defn hav fallen in the class! I cant forget nandini ma'am carryin u n starin at me! :P


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