Friday, November 13, 2015

She opened her rice flour dabba and what she found...

She opened her rice flour dabba and what she found... Is hilarious!! &  dangerous too!!

-new house saga
-name of the post due the bizarre titles I come across on Facebook ;)

One normal morning in my kitchen involves me scratching my head as to what to prepare for breakfast. In a new house you are yet to get familiarized with so many things plus take care of a toddler! Phew...!!  Okies.... So I wanted to make tapple dosa/ vagarne dosa/tadka dosa. All my Boston friends will definitely know this!! Lots of memories with this dosa. Anyways.... I pick the rice flour dabba/box. It looks somewhat like this. 

I get this tiny winy doubt looking at the color and texture difference in the box. I take a pinch and taste it and it's all granular. But then I think I'll go ahead as it looks fine. I prepare the batter with all the ingredients and feel like tasting it again. It's same granular.  I still go ahead to make the dosa, I spread it on a pan and in a jiffy everything moves to the corners and the middle part bubbles up like soda or like how eno does. Now I confidently, I throw the batter and call mom to figure out what went wrong. And lo!!! She says, may be it must have got mixed with rangoli powder!! Freaking!! 

Anyway I try to make a rangoli out of it and in a jiffy again this happens!! Thanks to the lil cute lovable monster in my house! Happy diwali all!! 

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  1. Omg !! Hilarious :) lols !! Can't stop smiling imagining the series of events .. Mukkus naughty act - icing on the cake ..


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