Monday, December 28, 2009


Most of the universities request minimum of 3 LORs. Ask your recommender a month in advance and help him/her with the LOR. You have two options for Letter Of Recommendations:
  1. Online Recommendations: You have to provide your recommenders email id and he/she will be sent a link, the recommender will be given some time to respond say 2 days, a week etc. The recommender will have to fill in details about him/herself, details about his/her relationship with applicant, grade the applicant, write few lines on the applicant, submit it.
  2. Hard Copy Recommendations: You have to download the LOR form given by the university and get it filled by your recommender and post it to the university along with the other hard copies i.e. your application packet. Envelopes need to be signed and sealed at both the joints. Better not tamper with them.
An LOR Format for reference for the recommender:


  • Introduce yourself as the recommender. State your professional position, how you know the applicant, the length of your relationship, and any other pertinent information to build your credibility as a knowledgeable contributor.
  • Provide an overview of your general impressions of the applicant.


  • Cover one exceptional quality of the applicant in each paragraph
  • Use specific examples to show how you observed each quality
  • Address qualities in order of importance
  • Keep the body of the letter to two or three paragraphs


  • Confirm that the applicant would be a desirable employee/student, adding any other comments you feel appropriate.
  • Encourage the reader to contact you for additional information or with any questions.
  • Don't forget to personally sign the letter.


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