Sunday, December 13, 2009

Statement Of Purpose- SOP!

"A good SOP could get you a very good university in-spite of low acads/scores!"
What to write in a SOP:
  1. Be clear about what u want to do in your masters and elaborate the same on paper. Justify your stance clearly by giving specific examples either through academics/projects etc. You might have done innumerable projects
  2. Mention about the University,faculty,infrastructure,research which u r interested in!
  3. Avoid quotes and flowery complex language ...
  4. Download Word Web. Here's the link where you can download Word Web ( if u want a good word for a particular simple word enter in word web and u get synonyms and choose one among them suitable to your sentence.Use apt words which suit the context and makes sense.)
  5. Communication skills are very important. This is the edulix link which gives good tips !
  6. Mention valid reasons why you are choosing USA and not your own country{in spite of having the best institutions} for your higher studies, like
  • World Class Education
  • Excellent research facilities
  • Easy to survive
  • International exposure
  • Immense Opportunities for the deserving


    1. Indirectly means..Fake as much as possible but make it realistic ;)
      Word Web??? Any thesaurus thingy would do right??

    2. Exactly da.. "make it realistic"! :) and yup any thesaurus thingy wud do! But every post is about what i did.. so chose/wrote Word web :P


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