Thursday, December 31, 2009

The EXCEL Sheet!

Prepare a Excel sheet with these headings in bold and start off going through the universities and simultaneously start updating this sheet. It will definitely help you a lot. When in need, you can check through this sheet rather than the University website. :P K Here goes the list:
  1. Serial No
  2. University
  3. Univ Code + Dept code
  4. Deadline
  5. Postal Address
  6. Important contact info with email id
  7. No of applications and to where
  8. Application Fee
  9. Transcripts (O/Hc)
  10. No of Transcripts
  11. Statement Of Purpose (O/Hc)
  12. Resume (O/Hc)
  13. Letter Of Recommendation (O/Hc)
  14. No of LOR's
  15. Gre Scores (O/Hc)
  16. Toefl Scores (O/Hc)
  17. Additional Information
No = Number
O = Online
Hc = Hard copy
Trust me this is damn helpful!

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