Sunday, February 15, 2015

H4 Visa Interview

Hello all. Basically if you are seeing this I'm assuming you are looking for H4 visa information. I'm a candidate who has a H1 prior to H4 so i heard mine should be easy. Most of the background is same as the other visas. The three below links will help you with the start.

Payment info
Schedule Appt

Day 1: Finger printing @ Chennai consulate
Just the dS160 confirmation page and appt sheet and passport are required. Please be here only 10 minutes prior to appt. The inside job is max 30 mins. Mine was done in 15 mins.

Day 2: Visa interview @ Chennai consulate
After finger printing, most of the back ground check is done and they almost know whether you are a clean candidate or no. Early morning slots are best. Mine was done in 10 minutes. Actually my interview was at 9:30 and i went at 9 am. I was out by 9:35. No sealed envelopes please. My interview went fine. They try and ask and see if your spouse is in a valid visa & company. Nothing much else.

He: Hello
Me: GM!!
He: Colorful file eh?
Me: Yes!
He: Where does your husband work?
Me: Blah blah.
He:Who worked in blah blah?
Me: That was me. Now i need H4.
He: You have many visas i will be cancelling others and be giving you H4.
Me:ok. Thanks. Good day!

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