Friday, February 27, 2015

Pyramid Valley meditation

I haven't done much meditation before. But I have been taught how to meditate. It's something which needs lots of effort n struggle from us initially to get hold of it. In this stay, with my son, I'm traveling a lil here and there nearby and this is one lovely place I liked and hence mentioning it.

It's called the Pyramid Valley on kanakpura road. 30 kms from banashankari and 17 kms from ravi shankar ashram.

Photography is prohibited inside and hence the pics are only from the exterior of this hall. A good thing about this place is you get guided meditation. Once you enter inside it's peaceful. Very peaceful. There are 2 places you can meditate. One, in the hall. Two, high up the spiral staircase called king's chamber. You need to meditate at least 15 minutes in the hall to climb up. Lovely experience up there. All the cosmic energy from the pyramid was oozing as sweat during the meditation. Amazing!!

Further more the place has a lake, a souvenier/books room, good vegetarian food n restrooms!! Enjoy!!

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  1. Awesome place indeed !! Exhilarating is what comes close to what this place makes me feel :)


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