Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Mama

24 Jan 2015

I thought n thought n thought
Million memories r flashing to me today.
Is it becoz I'm seeing you in my brother
A wonderful "mama"
Every time he picks my son,
Every time he kisses my son,
Every single time he brushes his hair against my son!!

I knew the man you became
The man whom I adore
A minimalistic guy you were
Spoke less & smiled more!

Never can I forget
the way you wore Pancha with style
During the long night walks
where we would sometimes talk and walk an extra mile.

You said of all colors the one that suits me was blue
And to date people say the same too.
You yourself sang songs with wrong lyrics
& throughly enjoyed when we used to do the same too.

"darling" "darling"; you would address
& ask me to marry you a 100 times with love
the 10 kisses you would give on my face
and wet my cheeks then and now!

That dreadful disease took you over
Ate you alive and not a single breath it left!!

Filled with admiration and spirit and grief
Our entire family stayed around you,

With tears rolling down my face
We stood up and offered a big bow
As we watched a man that we loved most
pass on to a world we didn't know!!

I still see you mama,
In my bro, in your kids and lastly in my son
I don't remember if I ever told you
I love you a ton!!

You will alwez be missed!! Your presence will alwez be felt!! What/who ever killed you will deeply be cursed upon!!

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